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Alex and Bayo’s Wedding

From the initial discussions with Alex and Bayo, I knew that their wedding was going to be a momentous occasion. It was going to be the largest wedding that Momento Media have shot to date, bringing two vibrant cultures together in a joyous celebration. Capturing this event was a fun filled experience and it was this element of fun and energy that we wanted to bring to the final film. A challenge which we feel we have achieved from great feedback from the bride herself: “our family and friends said our invaluable films make them feel like they are back sipping pimms and dancing the night away.”

This wedding was centred around the unity of family, bringing together family members from Ireland to Nigeria. And it was their warmth and love which filled the ornate Old Palace at Hatfield House and made Alex and Bayo’s wedding so special.

This stunning wedding was packed full of very special moments - the bride and groom preparations, Bayo’s acapella choir who performed during the ceremony, the energetic family entrances, touching speeches from loved ones, a surprise serenading from the groom to his beautiful new bride, and a full out first dance that got the whole party started!

Momento Media had so much fun working with Alex and Bayo on their special day and are so pleased that our film does their epic wedding day justice.

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