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The Power of the Gimbal

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

The Zhiyun Crane is a three-axis gimbal which helps mirrorless camera shooters create smooth, cinematic video. By pairing the Zhiyun Crane with a wide angle lens can lead to some breathtaking imagery.

On a video shoot the use of the Zhiyun Crane and a wide angle lens helps to create a dynamic establishing shot to introduce a location in an interesting way and provides more insight into the surroundings. The quality of movement that is used from the gimbal can set the mood of the film. Steady, low, and smooth shots will enhance the romance and intimacy of a scene, whereas, faster and more energetic movements will add excitement to party sequences.

This dynamic range of effects cannot be achieved by a locked off shot on a tripod because of the lack of depth and parallax. Therefore, the imagery can appear lifeless and 2D. Overall, the gimbal can add a variation in mood through different movement, provide insight into location, and can create further interest with depth and parallax, all of which can enhanced the viewers experience.

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